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  • Drug Crimes

  • State and federal drug crimes, including conspiracy, are serious offenses with harsh penalties. Even before you are charged with a crime, an experienced lawyer can protect your rights and work to minimize consequences. If you are charged we will help you determine if your rights were violated. Search and seizure laws and other protections provide a valuable defense. Was the arrest lawful? We are experienced at investigating and uncovering evidence necessary to assert your rights.

    We have helped and defended a wide range of drug charges and obtained acquittals in many cases including:

    • Drug Conspiracy
    • Drug Trafficking/Distribution
    • Drug Crimes Involving the Use of a Firearm
    • Crimes Involving Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Prescription Drugs and other Controlled Substances
    • Racketeering

    We have the knowledge and skill required to represent you if you are charged with drug conspiracy or other state or federal drug crimes.